Texas Deer Hunting Photos 2

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Del Zorro
My Rancho Del Zorro Buck

Photo by Jim Autrey

Angie Edwards
  Kelly's Deer
  Tracy Headwaters


 Wide track  

Rotan Buck

Judith River Elk

Donihoo Ranch
Justin Perales

Joe Baines Axis
Montana Rocosa
Jason & Fallow

2 for 1
Lance Autrey

Trey & Chocolate Fallow


Angie Edwards with her Feral Hog.  Congratulations!

Raymond Patschke owner of Rancho Del Zorro & 165 B&C
Fred Norton of Circle Rocking N Ranch & Jim
Jim w/Widetrack 23 1/4" Wide, 124 BC, 5 1/2 yrs old
Cork Screw Drop Tine

Cy  Hamilton Terral of College Station, Tx

15 Point harvested Hamilton Co. 11/04/00 with a .222 Rem

Photo by Jim Autrey

Larry Durant of Baytown, Tx

210 lb, 10 point Harvested in Hamilton County 11/4/00

Photo by Jim Autrey

Mvc-215x.jpg (5761 bytes) Mvc-214x.jpg (4644 bytes)
Chipper Lowery

240 lb. 20 point Whitetail

Gross Score 216 B&C

Net Score 204 B&C

Pre 60 Day Score

Kyle Hoelscher:

Houston, Texas

Doe, while hunting with The Texas Deer Hunter Cameras

Phil Wood

Killed in:  Irion County 


Scored 151 7/8

Photo Todd McCrea

Ashley Orr

Coryell County 10/22/00

Bow Kill

photos1.jpg (14312 bytes)
Gene Braziel

Canadain Whitetail



Mvc-222x.jpg (5898 bytes) Mvc-223x.jpg (5544 bytes)
Mvc-231x.jpg (12001 bytes) Bob Coward: 
Gatesville, Texas


B. J. Carothers

Canadian White Tail

Field Dressed: 350 lbs.
179 B&C

Ervin Koerth

West Texas Mule Deer
201 Gross B&C
191 6/8 Net B&C

burtdeer3.jpg (356984 bytes) Burton Parnell
19 Point
240 lb.
175 6/8 B&C

Christi Getts 

First Deer /  Bowhunting


Mvc-161x.jpg (46885 bytes) Angie Newsome

New Mexico Desert Mule Deer

November, 2000

MVC-237Xopt.jpg (7965 bytes) Banner Ranch
Jim Autrey
23 1/4"  wide
124 B&C
Mvc-266x.jpg (18648 bytes) Beau Nettleton of  Southwest Texas Outfitters (See Hunting Links) & Jim Autrey with 8 point buck taken on late season hunt.
Mvc-259x.jpg (6869 bytes) Lance Autrey with 8 point taken with Southwest  Texas Outfitters (see Hunting Links).  His was bigger than mine.
10pt White Tail taken in Coryell County from Dad's stand: 19 1/2" Spread
Photo by Klay Patteson
Click here to see Lance's story.

8 pt White Tail taken in Coryell County


"First Deer"

White Tail taken in Coryell County

Jim Autrey
White Tail taken in Coryell County
6 pt Tall Rack

9pt White Tail taken in Hamilton County


John Haggard
October 6, 1999

12 pt
150 lbs. field dressed
144 7/8 B&C Points

Taken with a bow and arrow

Chantry Haggard

8pt w/kicker taken in Erath County

Click here to see Chantrey's story.
190 lb. Buck shot by Jim Autrey of Gatesville on 11/02/97. Scored 138 B & C points and field dressed 158 lb.
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