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Even the Dogs like to Watch a NHDA Trial
More Pictures

February 25, 2001: The National Hunting Dog Association Trial was a lot of fun.  The greatest thing about these trials is the dogs and their handlers.  Anyone that will spend the time necessary to train a dog is a special kind of person.  Together this adds up to a super event.  A special thanks to Mary our hostess from Joshua Creek Ranch and our Judge, Jay Brown for allowing the Texas Deer Hunter camera on the bird field.  There will be some good pictures coming shortly.

Jim, Charles Carrtihers & Jett
Brady Creek Preserve
Pictorial Hunt

February 24, 2001:  The wind is blowing hard and it seems that March winds are a little early.  The whitetail buck are still carrying their headgear.  It seems a little late, but this weekend, I will be in the San Antonio area and Robert Hoague is going to Webb County.  Maybe, we can get a better idea of what the deer are doing and their general overall condition.

February  23, 2001:  This weekend, I will be traveling to Boerne, Texas for the  National Hunting Dog Association Trial.  This will give me an opportunity to get some information that might be beneficial to many of you and your dogs.  For more information click on NHDA, look under Trial Dates, Joshua Creek Ranch, Boerne, Texas.  I will have pictures and more the first of next week.

February 22, 2001: The hunt at Brady Creek Preserve was great.  There will be more pictures and stories about the fun, we had while hunting at Brady Creek Preserve.  We harvested 12 quail, 8 chukar and 3 pheasant.  Not bad for a few hours in the field.

February 20, 2001:  Archie Cox of Gatesville and I are on our way to hunt with Charles Carrithers of Brady Creek Preserve.  We will be hunting chukar, quail and pheasant.  Chukar are a partridge and like the pheasant were imported from China.  The quail is native of North American.  I am really looking forward to this hunt for several reasons.  One of which is Shane of Cast Net Media is going to be the camera man.  Cast Net Media of Gatesville is the production company putting together the Texas Deer Hunter TV series.  This has all of the makings of a good show and an excellent hunt.  Tales to follow.

Win ! Win! Win!
Hunt with the Texas Deer Hunter TV Show

Entry Information Available Soon
"Pictorial Pheasant Hunt"

"Exotic Pictorial Hunt"

February 19, 2001: Tomorrow brings a planned hunt on The Brady Creek Preserve, close to Brady, Texas.   We will be hunting quail, chukar and pheasants on a licensed bird preserve. We all know that quail populations are down and that there are not any native chukar and pheasants in this part of Texas, so this will be a hunt for liberated birds.  There are many varied feelings about the hunting on bird preserves, but my experience with them has been great and I am sure this one will be no different.  I will bring you the  results and pictures as soon as I return.

February 18, 2001:The National Wild Turkey Federation is having Texas Superfund Banquets in our area. Click here, for a listing of banquets, you may want to attend.
February 17, 2001 It is almost Spring Turkey season in Texas.   Turkey seas runs, April 7th- May 13th in most counties in the Central Texas area.  Turkey hunting is growing in popularity every year.  This is due in part to increased populations and an increasing desire of hunters to return to the hunting fields. I will try to keep you posted on how the season is looking and try to find you some good places for you to go Turkey hunting.  There are several  NWTF meetings coming up. 
Temple - 02/20/2001 
Location: Frank W. Mayborn Civic Center, 3303 North 3rd Street 
Contact: Jeff Cowen at 254/771-7208 

Kerr County Ram

February 16, 2001:  The above Ram is one of the exotics available in Texas.  This is a great time to hunt rams and antelope that don't shed their headgear.
February 15, 2001:  The National Hunting Dog Association is having a hunting Trial in Boerne, Texas on the 25th of this month.  This is an excellent way to overcome cabin fever and see some good dog work at the same time.  For more information click on NHDA, look under Trial Dates, Joshua Creek Ranch, Boerne, Texas.

February 14, 2001:   Happy Valentines Day The Texas Deer Hunter Camera has been invited on a chukar and quail hunt by Charles Carrithers of Brady Creek Preserve at Brady, Texas.  I am really looking forward to this hunt.  We will go just as soon as the weather clears up.  I will let you know how it turns out.

February 13, 2001: Very few things can offer the pure beauty of a sunrise or sunset on the hunting lease.  The one below represents others you can see under Hunting Stories: Sunrise, Sunsets.

Lance getting out of stand on Nettleton Ranch SW Texas

Ultimate Safaris Black Buck
See Hunting Stories 
My First Black Buck

February 12, 2001: I will have some great stories about my recent hunt with Chip Harmon of Ultimate Safaris, but wanted to share a couple of trophies with you.  The pictures above is of my Gold Medal Black Buck Antelope & Trey's Silver Medal Fallow Deer taken while hunting with Chip.  For more information about hunting with Chip, contact Wade Derby at Crosshair Consulting.

February 6, 2001: Leaving in the morning to hunt with Chip Harmon of Ultimate Safaris.  By looking at his web page, I think  this is surely going to be an ultimate experience.  Chip offers some 40 different exotics and many of them in the record book class.   I will take a lot of pictures and will have a good story when the Texas Deer Hunter TV cameras return.  Look for next update on Saturday.

February 5, 2001: I found this picture while getting my camo ready for my hunt with Chip Harmon.  Mother nature sure has a unique and effective pattern on this Roadrunner.  Thought you might want to see how well natural camo works.

                                  It's Hard to beat the real thing!

They must be hard to hunt, I almost didn't find a picture of one.

February 4, 2001: I am getting more excited everyday.  I had always felt, when deer season ended, so did hunting.  That is not the case.  Some Texas ranches offer up to 50 different types of Exotics that you can hunt in the off season.   So, we might not be able to afford to hunt all of them, but maybe one or two while waiting for turkey season.
Dallas Safari Club Exhibit

February 2, 2001: The Black Buck  Antelope hunt is set with Chip Harmon.  We will be hunting a little SW of Junction, Texas , the dates are February 7th-9th and he is trying to talk me into hunting with a handgun.  The Black Buck is from India and the male sports spiral like horns from 8"to 22" tall.  Chip says, the Black buck is an elusive animal, but during our hunt we should see some forty different species of exotics.  I will take a lot of pictures.

February 1, 2001: There is light at the end of the tunnel.  Whitetail season is over so let's go hunt exotics.  I am going to be hunting Black Buck Antelope with Chip Harmon, arranged by Wade Derby of  Crosshair Consulting.  I will keep you updated on the times and location, along with pictures and information. Also, the ultimate:  Texas Deer Hunter Hat.

Texas Deer Hunter Hat

January 31, 2001: Has a Cough ever Ruined Your Hunt?  "Never again will this happen to you if you have a  "SILENCER"


January 30, 2001:  New stand from the AMO Show:  North Starr offers a stand and ladder, all in one.

 North Starr Treestands

                                     Photo by Robert Hoague

January 29, 2001: The thought of somethings stay with you for a long time.  I have not been able to get the thought of elk hunting out of my mind.  Why?  See Hunting Stories- His Royal.....

Trophy Mountain Elk Ranch

January 28, 2001: The Dallas Safari Club had quite a crowd.  There were several  interesting things to see. See more Dallas Safari Club

January 26, 2001:  Tomrrow, Paula (my wife) and I are going to the Dallas Safari Club Convention in Dallas.  This three day event will have over 400 exhibitors, auctions, seminars and more.  For more information http://www.dallassafariclub.com/

Janauary 24, 2001: There are hogs, hogs & Javelina.  (See Hunting Stories-Hogs, Hogs Everywhere)

January 24, 2001:  Hunting can be Heaven or H....., when there is so many deer you don't know what to do.  See Hunting Stories, Heaven or H....

January 23, 2001:It is time to play a little bit of catch up.  The shot show was huge with a lot to see.  Attached are some of the pictures, (Hunting Stories-Shot Show).

January 22, 2000: Just got back!  There will be more to come, but wanted  you to see the picture of Big Boy.  This is what dreams are made of when you deer hunt.

 January 16, 2000:  Wet, cold, and rainy.
We are on our way to South Texas to hunt  Rancho Del Zorro with Chad Edwards. Webb county has long been known for it's big bucks and warm conditions. Hopefully, the forecast for rain and cold won't affect our hunting. I'll provide daily updates. Friday evening we will join up with Mike Gardner at the San Miguel Hunting Ranches for an Axis hunt.

January 14, 2000:  Can you imagine a building 1 1/4 miles long with aisle after aisle of hunting related equipment?  That is what the shot show had to offer.  There aren't a lot of new ideas, just new versions of old ideas.  I will introduce you to some of these in the next couple of weeks.  How about pictures of a $300,000 set of shotguns!  And get ready for some good deer stories and pictures as Robert Hoague and I prepare to leave for Ranch Del Zorro and The San Miguel Hunting Ranches.  We are going to provide you with daily updates of our hunts.

January, 12, 2001:  Picture is of Steve Overholt and Claudett Head with the fixed blade Tiger Sharp and their new folding knife that features one handed operation. This is one of the new products on the market for hunters, the Tiger Sharp Knife with a replaceable blade. It's one of the sharpest knives I have every seen. Yet, when it gets dull, you just replace the blade. A tremendous advantage for people like me that don't sharpen a knife very well.

January 10, 2001: There is still hope!  Chad Edwards called and invited Robert Hoague and I down for a deer hunt next week.  Chad manages the Rancho Del Zorro ranch in Webb county that allows deer hunting until January 21st.  We will be with Mr. Edwards beginning on the 16th and then we will leave on the 19th to go hunt with Mike Gardener of San Miguel Hunting Ranches www.sanmiguelhunts.com     Needless to say,  these hunts can produce some excellent stories and pictures.   Today it is off to the shot show to find out what is new for you in the hunting and shooting sports.

January 9, 2001:   Do bucks chase does in January? The answer is yes!  On my way to Waco this morning, I saw just that. It wasn't a stroll around, it was more like a greyhound after a rabbit. All out as fast as they could go. Guess, I never will understand deer behavior.  Well, it is off to New Orleans to the SHOT show.   Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade show.  I will update you on any new products or other things that might be interesting.

January 8, 2001: Just returned from the Circle Rocking N Ranch in NE Texas.   I would like to offer a special thanks to Fred Norton, Marjorie, Little Marjorie and Beau for an excellent time and their gracious hospitality. This is a sad time!  Deer season 2000 is history.   We will have to explore other activities to carry us until, once again we have an opportunity to hunt the whitetail deer.  Oh, you might want to check out the ranches that have extended seasons or some exotic hunts.  I will have more on this coming up in the next couple of weeks.

January 3, 2001:  Prairie Bay Outfitters is a great place to hunt.  We were covered up with geese, the upland hunt on pheasants was great and the ducks were a little slow but a lot a fun.  I'll let you in on all the details later.  A special thanks to Mike, his wife, Brent, Jason, Brian and Kelly.   Lance, Klay and I had a great time and would recommend it to anyone.

January, 1, 2001:   I will probably put the wrong year for the next 2 or 3 months, but welcome to 2001.  It is cold, things are packed and it is off to Midfield, Texas and Bay Prairie Outfitters.  I will update with tales and pictures when I return.   Once again Happy New Year.

December 31, 2000:   It is the last day of the year 2000 and the morning hunt was shortened by sleet and rain.  Robert still isn't up to par, so we will skip the afternoon hunt.   In the morning, the Texas Deer Hunter cameras are off on a goose, duck and quail hunt with Bay Prairie Outfitters ( www.texas-goose-hunting.com ).  Wednesday afternoon, we will return and head for the Circle Rocking N Ranch to hunt with Fred Norton and his group(www.circlerockingnranch.com).   If there is enough time left, we will then head back to Oran Hill's Outfitter (www.oranhilloutfitters.com)  with Robert Hoague.

December 30, 2000:   Going to hunt in the morning with Robert Hoague of www.bowhunting.net, cross your fingers for us.  Is a still, cold, frosty morning good for deer hunting?  Let me know what you think.  Send me an e-mail letting me know what you think about deer hunting on this type of morning.  I will tell you later how it worked for me.

December 29, 2000:  Things to do today, can't hunt.  Will be back this weekend with Trey, Scott & Robert Hoague if he is over the flu.  Then January 1st, Lance, Klay and I will be hunting with Bay Prairie Outfitters.

December 28, 2000 P.M.:  This afternoon was just an opposite of this morning, 50 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.  The only deer we saw was a young doe.  Scott was hunting another stand and all he saw was a young doe.   There still about 10 more days to hunt, before we get the post hunt blues.

December 28, 2000:  It snowed here last night, about 3 or 4 inches and I just had to go hunting this morning.  Trey and I went out to his lease in Hamilton County.  The deer moved early, but he has already harvested his buck.   We were looking for a doe.  The does we saw early were too far away, then a nice buck came within gun range.......that's the way it goes.  Before leaving, we walked around and checked for tracks in the snow on a wooded hillside and saw not only tracks but about 10 deer.  Couldn't get the deer, gun and the video camera all together at the same time.  We will go back to the wooded hill, before the weekend is out.

December 27, 2000:   Still cold and wet with ice on the roads.   Deer hunting will have to wait.  Will try again tomorrow.  Register the kids for the free deer hunt through e-mail.

December, 26, 2000:   Cold and wet!!!  Even the most die hard are in the bed with the flu.  Robert and I have had to cancel our hunt with Cliff Lowe, because he has the flu.  Listen for Texas Deer Hunter Radio, tomorrow at 10:00 am.

December 25, 2000:  Computers are great????  They really are when they are working.  The last couple of days have been spent celebrating Christmas and trying to get my computer to update.  Well, I hope you all have had a Merry Christmas.  It is time to start packing to leave in the morning to hunt with Cliff Lowe in Dryden, Texas.

December 23, 2000:  A few days off for Christmas, then Robert and I will be off to Dryden, Texas to hunt with Cliff Lowe.

December 22, 2000:  After seeing so many deer yesterday, Robert and I returned to the pecan bottom with great expectations.  We saw several deer early, but they did not come anywhere near bowhunting range.  The afternoon hunt was still our chance to harvest one of the nice bucks we had seen before. Or, a large buck Oran had been seeing in the area was the one Robert really wanted to see.  The sun rose, and the sun set and still none of the bucks appeared that we were wanting to see.  Guess that is why they call it hunting.

December 21,2000:   Bright and early the next morning we are back on location in Brenda's stand, but to no avail.  What is wrong?   This is an excellent location.  After the hunt, we found that the feeder had gone off prior to our getting to the stand, and we probably ran off any game in the area when we arrived.
Lesson 1:  Always double check your feeder once another hunter has been in the area.
P.M.  We moved to another ranch in Burnet County,  set up in a pecan bottom and did our luck change.   After setting up an additional stand and eating lunch, we returned to see what would happen, and man did it happen.  About 4:30 p.m. a button buck, a yearling and 2 does came in at a dead run.  One of us moved and they left in a dead run.  A little time passed and about 5:30 p.m. a beautiful 8 point came down the hill to our location, just like we had him on a string.  Five minutes passed while he fed just 10-15 yards from our stand, but not once did he offer a good shot.  Another buck came in and they left together.  A little later we saw another buck cross the hill in front of us.  Sure wish I would have been hunting with a gun -- archery hunting is exciting, but extremely challenging.

December 20, 2000:   Robert Hoague and I are headed to Bell & Burnet Counties to hunt with Oran & Brenda Hill of Oran Hill Outfitters.  Will keep you posted on the hunt.

December19,2000:Hunted on the Banner Ranch with Jesse, Cy   & Sandy Banner and Jason Davenport, I harvested a 23 1/4 inch spread main frame 8-point.  Lance killed a smaller 7 point.  Lance and I both harvested a 8-point while hunting with Beau Nettleton and Rusty Chalk of Southwest Texas Outfitters.  A special thanks to all for their excellent hospitality. See my widest yet in photo gallery & Making Memories on The Banner Ranch under Hunting Stories.  Other stories and other photos to come.
December 14, 2000:  Our Hunt on the Banner Ranch is fantastic! Photos will be coming!

December 11, 2000:  Animals are amazing creatures.  As I prepare to leave for my hunt, a new calf is born down below my house.  The temperature has dropped 30 + degrees in the last few hours and the mother and another cow have laid down around the new calf to create a wind block to help keep the baby warm.  This must be natures way of taking care of her own.   It is not the first time, I have seen this happen.

December 11, 2000:  Lance, my youngest son and I are getting ready to go hunt with Jason Davenport and Jesse Banner down close to Sanderson.  Going after whitetail buck and turkey.  I will keep you posted on the hunt as it progresses.  Listen to Texas Deer Hunter Radio live from Sanderson on Wednesday at 10:00am.

December 10, 2000:   Hunted with Robert Hoague of www.BowHunting.net.  Excellent morning with a little fog and then a lot of fog.  Spike came by early and while trying to get good video of the spike, I scared away the other deer that left unidentified.  Hope, Robert will still let me hunt with him.

December 9, 2000:  Not able to hunt today.  Busy scheduling hunts for upcoming weeks.  Will be back in the woods tomorrow.

December 7,2000: Hunted with Robert Hoage and Richard Pollick of Bass Pro Shops in Grapevine, Texas.  The deer were not moving very much which lends hope to next time.

December 6, 2000: Texas Deer Hunter Radio 10am, talked about moon phases and the best times to hunt.   Also, reports of how many hunters are seeing large bucks on their leases now, that they have not seen before.  Could it be that the later in the season we hunt the better our chances for a large buck?

December 2, 2000.   Great day in the woods!  Hunted with Christi Getts on her first deer harvest and she did it with a bow and arrow.  See "Getts Gets First"  under Hunting Stories.

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