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Jim Autrey
Jim Autrey

Jim has been hunting since he was six years old and his passion for the hunting and the shooting sports inspired him to share his love for hunting with others....
thus Texas Deer Hunter TV was first aired in 2000.

With over 45 years of hunting experience Jim believes that a hunting show should offer a true and factual account of the hunt, not a made for TV recreation.

Often referred to as, "The Gentleman Hunter", Jim's respect and love for the outdoors has created a large viewer ship among those that share his love for hunting.

Multiple Deer

Entertaining Viewers & Showcasing Ranches

Texas Deer Hunter TV hunts for all species of popular wild game in North America.  With an emphasis on whitetail and elk, you will see at least one segment of a deer or elk hunt on every Texas Deer Hunter TV Show.

In addition, we will have hunts for antelope, axis deer, black buck, red deer, rams, hogs, ducks, geese, quail, pheasants, chukar and any other game that offers a sporting challenge........ plus an occasional fishing trip.

All hunts will be viewed just the way they happened, including mistakes made by the hunter and the occasional misses.  This makes the show educational,  entertaining but most of all honest.

You will see hunts with experienced hunters and novices whether they be men, women or kids.

In short you might say, " Texas Deer Hunter TV is Real Hunting for Real Hunters".

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Saturday Mornings @ 5:00 am
Lance Autrey
Lance Autrey

Lance is the youngest of Jim's 3 sons, all of which love to hunt , but
Lance has had more opportunity to work with the show than the others.  Having been involved in hunting since an early age and a part of the show as a camera man and hunter since the beginning, Lance has a lot  to offer viewers.

Lance holds a Masters degree from Baylor University in Exercise Physiology and is currently a student at Parker Chiropractic
College in Dallas.