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Jim Autrey Sales, Inc.started business in 1993 and quickly became the leader in affordable, high quality hunting equipment through out Central Texas. An avid hunter himself, Jim knows what hunters want and need. Incorporating in 1998, Jim Autrey, President and CEO, insists on offering the finest, latest and affordable equipment available for the novice and professional sportsman or sportswoman, today!

This business exposed Jim to the need that hunters had for a reliable source of deer leases, and information on deer hunting, consiquently prompting the initiation of  Texas Deer Hunter.com, Texas Deer Hunter Radio and now Texas Deer Hunter TV. Jim is dedicated to providing a source of information to assist and help the hunter and sportsman of today.

So, when you need quality deer hunting equipment, information on deer hunting, or would just like to read, listen to or watch something about deer hunting, Jim Autrey's Texas Deer Hunter family is for you.

A company dedicated to helping the Deer Hunter and sportsman of today with the latest in quality equipment and information on hunting.

Texas Deer Hunter.com
"Your Hunting Equipment Headquarters"
TexasDeerHunter.com is a subsidiary of Jim Autrey Sales, Inc.
2324 South Hwy. 36   Gatesville, TX   76528
Toll Free: (800) 567-6136   Voice: (254) 865-9010   Fax: (254) 865-2259

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